For all purchases, please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be processed and shipped (certain territorial restrictions and additional fees may apply).

Shipping is handled through USPS 

Additional rates may apply for rush fees.

**Please Note****

    Once an item is sold out, it is not guarantee that it will be back in the store. I will keep you posted whether or not the item will be available or discontinued. If you want something similar to that item  I can customize it for you.

    * All items at younikness are handcrafted by me , therefore your item will be made upon purchase. 

Important Information Regarding International Shipments:

If your country is not shown in the list of shipping destinations, please email and I will assist you with your purchase.




AtYounikness, all the pieces are hand-crafted with the utmost care, and I  want to make sure everyone is satisfied with their purchase. If there are any issues with your order, please email me at at your earliest convenience.


For all repair inquiries you can email us at Please include in your request: proof of purchase and a photo of damaged item(s)

I stand behind all the merchandise displayed in this website, and that’s why I happy to address and assist you with any manufacturing issues with our pieces. 

If your item is damaged due wear and tear, accidents, or other damages done by you or someone else, please email me and i'll  assess the cost of repair. All repairs are subject to shipping charges.



All pieces are handcrafted  quality materials, and every single item you purchase is unique.Be aware that Younikness jewelry is made of a variety of materials and metals. The metals will tarnish over time. You should  clean your pieces using standard jewelry polish or brass cleaner ( Brasso) . If using metal cleaner I suggest using one drop on a damp paper towel. Carefully remove all residue and avoid touching the tassels and leather with cleaners.

 If you wish to have the metal gold plated please email me at

To keep your piece looking as good as new for the longest time, here are some tips.

  • Clean with a soft cotton cloth after each individual use, in order to remove excess oils from skin.

  • Ideally, store your pieces in a sealed pouch or holder, to keep it away from oxygen as much as possible. Remember, oxygen equals rust.

  • Store your pieces in a cool, dry place – away from humidity.

  • Keep your pieces away from water, direct sunlight, exposure to makeup, oils, lotions, and perfumes.

  • Keep in mind, everyone is different, and sometimes your skin may react differently to some materials. 

  • The tassels will  curl up, simplygive it a gentle steam ,itwill re-shape the strands or lightly dampen the tassel with water.


Please email me if you have any additional questions regarding item care at